For many years now, I've felt God calling me to speak. As a non-fiction and fiction writer, I wasn't sure what that might look like. But, I've come to discover that people are touched by story more than anything else. And the gift he's given me for storytelling has the ability to impact whatever audience He places in my path. I would love the opportunity to serve Him by sharing these stories with you.



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‚ÄčThe Single Mom Challenge

This talk encourages single moms to grow in 7 areas of their lives, including building or rebuilding their relationship with Christ before considering their next romantic relationship in order to create a successful family unit going forward.

Finding One Person to Understand
We all have heartbreak and struggle in our lives. But, throughout it all, life is so much easier when we feel we have at least one person who understands us. In my most personal presentation of all, I get real with my audience about my own life struggles, and journey to faith--ultimately finding the person I'd been looking for throughout my life. This message offers a strong presentation of the gospel and encourages others to begin their faith journey. 

What's Your Story?

"Your greatest life ministry will come from your deepest hurts." There is power in our stories. Power to heal, power to change, and power to inspire. But, sometimes, we are encouraged to simply get over these parts of our lives. To move on, and forget about them. But, God does not let us go through difficulties that he doesn't redeem. Many times, that redemption comes through our having the strength to face our story, learn from it, and use it to help others. This talk encourages women to do just that, with actionable steps, and possible workbook activity if time is allowed.